Building a kitchen Blending in with the locals

I'm Dan. I am a founder at Inngest and spent previous several years as CTO at Buffer. Back when I had more time I built Timezone.io (service, open-source) and MailDev (dev tool, open-source).

In 2020 I bought a 96 year old house and started a restoration and renovation project on the weekends. Hit me up if you want to chat home renovations.

You can email me if you'd like at dan[at]inngest.com.


  • AsyncAPI Conf - Nov 2022 - "An Auto-Documenting Event-Driven Architecture Using Async API and Inngest" (slides)
  • Reactive Summit - Oct 2022 - "Building a Pluggable, Cloud-native Event-driven Serverless Architecture" (slides)
  • MongoDB World - 2019 - (slides)
  • Kubernetes NYC Meetup - Mar 2018 - "Kubernetes at Buffer - 2 years in" (slides)
  • KubeCon - Nov 2016 - "How Kubernetes Was the Secret Sauce in Our Globally Distributed Team’s Transition to Microservices" (youtube)
  • Docker NYC Meetup - Oct 2016 - "Using Docker to develop Node.js Microservices"
  • Kubernetes and Cloud Native New York Meetup - Oct 2016 - "How Kubernetes was the ideal match in our globally distributed team’s transition to microservices"